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You tube clip : Getting trained as a rescue pilot 7th Mar 2009

First ever Kashmiri British to get trained as a rescue pilot. Capt(Dr) Sohail is at the moment working as a consultant in disaster medicine and a world renowned figure in this novel faculty.

Work on Aids in India 7th Mar 2009

Capt(Dr)Sohail also heads the group of world organisations who are at the moment busy fighting the global epidemic: HIV/AIDS

Work during Indian ocean Tsunami: Relief Web 2nd Mar 2009

Capt(Dr)Sohail proved his heroics during the Indian Ocean Tsunami by accomplishing the tough task of carrying out the rescue operations successfully in Indonesia, Srilanka and Andamaan Islands , India. Capt(Dr)Sohail was also honoured with a request to make the presentation of his work to Mr Kofi Anan in Srilanka.

UN recognises Mother Helpage Worldwide 23rd Jul 2011

Mother Helpage Media:

Mother Helpage Worldwide, the international charity has been associated by UN department of public information. UNDPI recognised Mother Helpage's tireless efforts towards humanitarian services. Mother Helpage is one of the pioneers in disaster response which has been bought to this level by its founder, Dr Sohail Nasti.

Dr Sohail mentioned that this honour is an acknowledgement for his hard work in this field and will look forward to introduce new concepts in emergency relief. He further added that this recognition is in itself a challenge to keep up with the standards of UN and Mother Helpage Worldwide is focussed and keen to improve its services and standards for a quality delivery of its services in the years to come.

Dr Sohail further added that Mother Helpage is working to introduce new concepts in communication and shelter during the disasters in near future.

The Global Humanitarian 23rd Mar 2010
Successful Completion of Phase-1, Srilanka Village. 23rd Mar 2010
Mother Helpage Worldwide Introduction 19th Nov 2009

First ever International charity with a fully loaded air, sea and land rescue units

Mother Helpage started its fight against the menace of drug addiction. 30th Apr 2012
Gaza Crises 5th Mar 2009
London, Jan 16: Capt (Dr) Sohail Nasti, a Kashmir born British humanitarian and a rescue pilot has joined the campaign with other western faith leaders on the prevailing crises in Gaza.He also added that the scale of this man-made tragedy requires maximum international support and participation in order to prevent further confusions and turmoil between the two countries.Mr Nasti also mentioned that his organisation is sending a group of 10 doctors and paramedics to Gaza as their support to the people of Gaza.


Doctor with a mission : Nomination for the UK honours 7th Mar 2009


Disaster Resilient Schools in Indonesia 30th Apr 2012
Mother Helpage Worldwide being the first ever charity to construct the disaster resilient schools for Tsunami victims in Indonesia.
Disaster Charity Video 6th Mar 2009

Many more people and the leading organisations have recognised the work and the initiative of Capt (Dr)Sohail.

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